Carmel Higher Secondary School has always functioned with the notion of education as service and not business. As we are a century old School, Carmel is keen on its belief and will continue to operate in the same way in the years to come.

At present there are 2056 students in our school (1259 English medium students and 797 Tamil Medium Students). The school fee is quite nominal for the English medium and the Tamil medium students aren’t required to pay the fees. Carmel School has never collected any money from the Tamil medium students till date, and the same will continue.

Carmel was once considered the best school in our district, and this school is a proud producer of many state and district rank holders. Families from other districts and distant places vied to educate their children in Carmel. Almost all the important and influential members in our district have educated their children in Carmel, because the discipline and the quality of education was exemplary. We believe every alumnus has fond memory of these good old days. 

Now that many private schools have arisen, Carmel fights every day to uphold its quality and student strength. Each Carmel staff contributes Rs.1,000 per month (Rs. 12,000 annually) towards the development of the school and her students. This fund is used to provide transportation services for poor children to continue their education. One hundred and ten hostel students are completely sponsored by Carmel Alumni Association and the management.


We are all aware that the buildings in our school are centuries old and as a remembrance of Carmel’s 100 Years of dedicated service, we, the old students have decided to help our school meet the student’s basic necessity. Carmel requires a new auditorium (1000 seats) and it needs to renovate the existing buildings. The new auditorium will be used for the purpose of education and student development activities.


The current estimate for this is about 2 Crores, and this building is expected to be built near our Loyola hall (building that is century old).

The opening ceremony of this new building is expected on early 2022 (100th anniversary of Carmel).

As is widely known, Carmel doesn't receive any funding in the form of student fees to achieve this goal.

If you believe in supporting Carmel school as an alumnus, please contribute your donations to the School Society Account mentioned below. This funding will be used only for the purpose of school growth.


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Carmel School/management/Alumni Association wont be responsible for any scams in the name of donation. Please use only the below mentioned official bank account for making your donations securely.

Thanks for your precious time and support.

We appreciate your love for our school.!!!

Official Carmel School - Bank Account

A/c. No: 005100050309118
Bank Name : Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd.,
Branch : College Road, Nagercoil.
Address : 229-A Charles Miller Street,
College Road, Nagercoil - 629001.
IFSC Code : TMBL0000005
MICR Code: 629060002